What if the solution to your biggest eating frustrations was already within you?

Since I was a teenager, I was a chronic dieter and experienced disordered behaviors: over eating, bored eating, emotional eating, and binge eating. I always stressed out about what I was eating, how my body looked, and what people thought of me. It interfered with my life in more ways than I realized. I would skip social events over food temptation in the thick of a diet and deep shame around my body. I was embarrassed eating around other people. Looking at myself in the mirror and in photos was painful. 

All of this to end up at the same place: hating my body and stuck with a seemingly never ending habit of over and emotionally eating. Until enough was enough and I let go of dieting and began healing my relationship with food and my body.  

Having mindful eating at the center of my healing journey, I’ve come to love my body just as it is and have rekindled my love for food that I experience every day. No more stress or anxiety, guilt or shame once mindful eating came into my life. Now I want to show you that the solution to your eating problems is already within you and teach you exactly how to access them.

Your Mindful Eating course will help you to:

  • Prevent overeating

  • Diminish bored eating

  • Release stress around eating

  • Eat the portion that's right for YOU every time

  • Revive natural hunger and fullness cues

  • Understand exactly what causes you to emotionally eat and binge

Your Mindful Eating Course

  • Set the Stage

    We’re going to begin by digging deep into what has led you to where you are now and create a mindful foundation for the changes to come.

  • Stress Free Eating

    Stress is such a downer (especially for our metabolism and digestion around our eating) so let’s learn more about how stress actually impacts our body and then let me teach you how to kick stress to the curb when it comes to your eating.

  • The Eating Game Changer

    I’ve got a COMPLETE game changer for you. It’s simple and it’s the one thing you’re not doing yet.

  • Emotions and Eating

    Emotions and eating often go hand in hand so let’s explore how your emotions may be getting in the way of your own eating goals and introduce you to a new way to look at emotional eating.

  • Elevate your Eating

    Let’s make food magical again. This module is all about elevating your food from just fuel to a complete experience.

  • Action Plan

    Learning something is only as good as how you continue to implement it. We’re going to create an action plan for you to follow well after you're done after with this course.

With your enrollment, you'll receive:

  • Downloadable Eating Mantra

  • Journal Prompts

  • Video Lessons

  • Action Plan for each module to integrate what you learn into your real life

  • In-depth guidance for how to make the action plan work for YOU

  • Discussion with other course participants

  • Lifetime access to the course

  • Exclusive discount for private coaching

Total Value of Course: $1250

I'm offering this 6 week self-guided course for only $249 because I understand how powerfully central these skills are healing some of your most frustrating eating behaviors.

Not in a financial place to spend the normal enrollment fee? I also offer donation based enrollment in this course which can be completed here. After receiving confirmation of your donation, you will receive instructions on how to access the course within 24 hours.

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  • Instructor

    Samantha Halpern is an Anti-Diet Health Coach with certifications in Eating Psychology and Mind-body Nutrition. As a former chronic dieter and binge eater herself, she understands the struggles women face with food and body because she's been there. Samantha is a food lover through and through, a body advocate, and a disruptor of cultural conditioning here to show you that your best life is also your most delicious life.

    Samantha Halpern

    Anti-Diet Health Coach

    Samantha Halpern